Symptoms Of Low Self Esteem

by Eternal

Symptoms oflow self esteem you will simply be lacking self confidence.

You tend to think that whatever you do is never good enough and there is absolutely nothing special about yourself in anyway.

I took a self-esteem quiz the other day actually, I wish I still had it. Anyway you constantly think that your ugly, your friends and family look down on you. You think that nothing will make you happy.

You constantly feel the need to have someone support you and reassure you.

You always feel like nobody likes you.

You feel inadequate and like people are looking at you all the time thinking how awful you are.

You don't like to be put in the spot light or in public places.

I think the symptoms of low self esteem can be different for everybody but basically I would say that it's any feeling that you have about yourself that makes you feel like less that a whole human being.

It's any area of life that you feel inadequate in or not as capable and confident as you want to.

It all makes you much more prone to depression and unhappiness as well.

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Apr 02, 2009
by: Rick Sharma

well observed and said..
if u can observe that much u have to know how to higher ur self esteem

Sep 09, 2008
Symptoms of low self esteem
by: Anonymous

Those who are very self conscious people suffer from low self-esteem. Anyone who is constantly seeking the "acceptance" of others has a low sense of self-worth. Indecisiveness is another indicator of low self esteem, out of a fear of choosing something that everyone will think is stupid.

Low self esteem has many indications, not all of which people will show. Sometimes having low self esteem causes people to try to ACT opposite from what they actually feel inside. Loud people and know it alls for example are usually suffers, they try to reassure everyone that they know EVERYTHING. If they were confident they would have no need to do this

Sometimes people give small signs to indicate this. Looking at the ground or avoiding eye contact, tugging at various parts of your clothing in whatever area you feel self-conscious is a dead giveaway. If somebody has self esteem issues. There are many indicators.

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