"How To Beat Depression Without Using Drugs"

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The brutal truth is this: you are growing or you are dying, you are winning or you are losing and you are either ahead or you are behind. Which of these you are is entirely up to you. You control the exact amount of success and happiness you have in the game that is your life.

Personal development ebook

If You Are Currently In The Back Seat Of Life There Are Some Things You Need To Know...

  • If you are tired of quietly suffering because you don't have the confidence to stand up for yourself...THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU
  • If you are tired of being taken advantage of and not knowing how to put a stop to it...THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU
  • If you are sick and tired of settling for the left overs and are no longer willing to settle for one drop less than the most life has to offer...THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU
  • If you want to be able to say “you will not treat me like that” and really mean it…THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU

If You Overwhelmed With The Feeling Of Hopelessness Surrounding Money?...

This book will teach you the skills needed to triple your value to the market place and sky rocket your earning power and income potential. Whether you wish to command a greater salary in your current position or you desire to build the confidence necessary to start your own business and really make some serious money, this book contains MUST HAVE SKILLS that you will need. Having a strong grip on you finances is a critical piece to the happiness puzzle. Feel powerful and in control, you need never feel hopeless again.

"This is a wonderful book with solid advice that works. This book has made all the difference in my life. Thank you Cody for such a positive message in the world. I applaud you!" - Angela Schnider, Jacksonville, Fl

Frustrated By Dysfunctional Relationships?

Relationships are essential to your happiness, point blank. if you are going to win the happiness game you must master relationship skills. Business, Personal, Family and Romantic. If any one of these areas of your life is not working fully then I know for sure 100%, YOU ARE NOT HAPPY, (or at least as happy as you could be). Give yourself the gift of learning how to attract, develop and maintain quality relationships starting with you.

"To put it simply, Cody is awesome...you have an amazing outlook on life, thank you for sharing it" - Dan Walsh, Manchester, UK

"You have all the right stuff! Thanks for reminding me of what I need to do" - Jane Boxer, New Zealand

Free Yourself From The Opinion Of Others

Why are you still torturing yourself when you can set yourself free at anytime? If you are not free from the opinions of others, then you are not free...period. You must learn how to overcome this.

Also included...

  • Communicate confidently
  • Develop charisma and magnetism
  • Find your identity
  • Build solid self esteem
  • Learn the skills needed to achieve anything
  • Learn to think big and shoot for the stars

What Others Are Saying

"I owe you an apology, I purchased your book to prove you wrong, you have changed my opinion on many things including myself...I like your style, thank you" - Tessa Barnes, Sheffield UK

"I love the way you tell it like it is, no airy fairy hippy bull s**t here" - Andy Brockman, Evansville, In

"I've recommended it to all my friends" - Michelle Daley, New York

"Great advice Cody, Thank you so much" - Haley Mason, Boston, Ma

"Keep up the good work, I found you book empowering and positive, I look forward to following you in the future" - Jasso Sellwood, South Africa

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