“I Discovered a Simple Secret Which Led to Incredible FINANCIAL SUCCESS, World Class LOVE, Phenomenal Personal growth, and a Purpose and Meaning That Surpasses Words! Can I Personally Mentor You And Teach You How to Use This Same Secret to Make Yourself VERY Successful Indeed?”

And...it’s EASY when you have somebody who has already achieved that success by your side, personally helping and guiding you every step of the way…”

Dear Friend,

This could be the most exciting letter you have ever read. Period.

Have you ever wanted something so badly, but not known how to go about getting it?

Have you ever felt alone, confused, overwhelmed or just lost, constantly bombarded by a sea of conflicting (and often high-priced) advice?

Let me ask you one final question:

“Do you think it would be easier for you to reach your personal, financial, relationship and spiritual goals if you had a personal mentor? Someone who had already achieved a high level of success and who was prepared to stand by your side until YOUR dreams had become a reality?”

Imagine – you could ask that person ANY question you liked – and they would tell you the real, bottom line truth.


If you were struggling, they’d be there with their years of tested experience, wisdom and knowledge to get you back on track. 

If you were overwhelmed, lost or confused, like a close friend, your mentor would be by your side to set you straight.

No doubt you can buy books, video's and audio courses from all the "gurus", but where are they after you have handed over your cash, are they going to answer you tricky questions? Are they going to personally guide you through the process?

I'm Sure you know the answer...

The reality is this...virtually nobody who has achieved a high level of success is willing to help those who are taking their first steps.

Until now.

Maybe you've been wondering if you will ever break free of low paying, under appreciated jobs, maybe your questioning if you will ever find that wonderful romantic relationship that magnifies all the joys and wonders of living or maybe your asking if you will ever experience the fulfillment of finding your life's purpose and living in it.

Relax, you're not alone. You can have all of this plus anything else you choose to!

How do I know? I've been there!

What I am about to reveal has not only transformed my life but the lives of countless others

So if I may,

Please allow me to tell you a little about myself (after all if you are going to listen to me maybe I should have something of interest to you).

I left the UK for the USA in 1992 on a full scholarship (valued at around $75 000 at the time). Repeatedly I was told this was impossible (remember 1992 is before the advent of internet and the exchange of mass information, how could a 16 year old in a distant country with no money and limited access to information make that happen?). But me, I never doubted for second and sure enough the impossible became a reality.  Stick the education on the tab I say, thank you very much, life will settle up later!!

So then what - well I did what most of us do and I got a job, I was a manager in a restaurant …Great…living the dream now!!. Hardly, it was good for about a year and then it dawned on me…

”Why the hell am I working 70 hours a week to make somebody else rich?”

“I’m going to buy my own restaurant and keep all the money“…what a plan!! Only problem was with what? I had no money.

Do you think that stopped me…nope. Again the voices of the naysayer scream out…IMPOSSIBLE. But guess what…

6 months later I owned a restaurant.

It was at this time I really began to grasp Part 1 of This Phenomenal Secret…Nothing is Impossible

So what kind of restaurant can you buy with no money? A really bad one is the answer. The restaurant I bought was performing so poorly the owner couldn’t have been happier to sell it. 3 months later sales were up 300% and the profits were rolling in.

The Impossible turns to possible, possible turns to probable, and probable becomes reality...that's how it works, and all the time the bank account is going cha ching, cha ching!!

"To put it simply, Cody is awesome...you have an amazing outlook on life, thank you for sharing it" - Dan Walsh, Manchester, UK

Part 2 of the Secret was now added to the formula

Take Nothing, Turn it Into Something.

Soon I realized I hadn't found the freedom I was looking for, I still had the same job, I just got to keep the fruit of my labor, so I sold up and headed back to the UK.

I was in my mid 20’s now and wanted to see a little more of the world. Of course I needed time and money to do this so over the next 5 years I started 3 additional very successful business that catered more to my ever more discerning needs...and I did what I wanted…I traveled.

Well good for me right, what does this have to do with you? Stay with me a little longer and I will surely get to that.

Allow me keep things brief here as to not bore you. Upon returning from my travels I decided that what I really wanted to do was be a professional musician… an interesting choice to say the least for someone now approaching 30 and not being able to play an instrument.

But anyway, that’s what I wanted and I wasn’t going to allow minor details stop me!!.

3 years later I was a professional musician…the impossible once again turned into a reality.

I Don’t Tell You This To Impress Upon You How Amazing I’m Am, I Tell You To Prove The Point That Even The Most Seemingly Impossible Task Can Be Accomplished With The Right Guidance And It Can Be Accomplished By You!!

I am neither the most talented or the most gifted, I am simply in possession of the knowledge of how to succeed at any task undertaken. This knowledge is applicable to all


I am so confident of this that if you are not blown away with my services you simply don't have to pay for them.

So the point of my story is this, I have lived a life that I have chosen to live as opposed to one that was handed to me and I have not allowed any obstacle to stand in my way. You, like me can live any life you choose and I can help you do this.

It is my sincere desire to share this knowledge with as many as will receive it.

"This is a wonderful program with solid advice that works. This has made all the difference in my life. Thank you Cody for such a positive message in the world. I applaud you!" - Angela Schnider, Jacksonville, Fl

Why Settle For Mediocre When Exceptional is Only a Stones Throw Away?

Please forgive me if I am being presumptuous here, but I believe I have walked the same weary mile as you. It was the despair that I was living with that drove me to search long and hard for a better way. Desperation is an appropriate description here.

"You have all the right stuff! Thanks for reminding me of what I need to do" - Jane Boxer, New Zealand

I made many mistakes and suffered many setbacks but I can now honestly say that I have found that better way.

Allow me the privilege of giving you the gift of benefiting from my mistakes in order for you to avoid enduring what I have, allow me to guide you through the process of designing your dream life and coaching you to the completion of it.

I promised you a simple secret to success, well here it is:

  • A clear knowledge of what you want
  • The faith to believe it is possible
  • The courage to take action in the face of seemingly impossible odds

Sounds simple? but trust me,if you really want to max out your potential and live the exceptional life you deserve, you need a mentor and a coach to be right beside you and see you through the inevitable storms that will arise.

With experience guiding you every step of the way, plus proven paths of activity, you surely Must Succeed!

What is it worth to have a respected, successful mentor, who has already walked the path of achievement on your team?

You might easily pay in excess of £5000 ($7500) for a three day seminar for this information and receive no personal attention for your money. I have attended many such events and I can honestly say that they are well worth the money.

However if you have £5000 ($7500) to spend on a seminar you are already successful and probably not taking your first steps.

My promise was to help those just starting this journey. I want to help you to the point you can easily attend such events, my goal is not to cripple you by charging excessive fees.

I initially offered an e-mail only coaching service for £247.97 a month ($450), and a personal coaching service for £117.97 an hour ($160), many have benefited from these programs, but then I remembered what it was like when I started out.

So after thinking long and hard I have put together a combined monthly mentoring package of personal and e-mail coaching for the very affordable price of £97.77 a month ($150). For this you will receive a minimum of 2 - 1 hour phone consultations (value - £235.94), and up to 10 e-mails (value £250.00).

That's a total value of £485.94 monthly

Your Price £97.77

That’s a discount of almost 80%

But there's more, order now and receive:

Free Bonuses!

Bonus #1

Any additional services needed you will receive a 50% discount on the advertised price.

Value = £397

Bonus #2

Receive a free copy of my book "Cut the B.S, a No Nonsense Guide to Happiness. Contained in this you will find many of the principles that will be covered in coaching.

Value = £27.97

That's over £1000+ ($1500) per month in coaching value for only £97.77

It‘s Decision Time!

So now that you have heard what I have to say I hope that you are convinced of two things:

1: That I walk the talk, I'm not just blowing hot air or speaking theory from a book.

2: That it is actually possible to achieve anything that you desire, providing that you have guidance from someone who has "been there and done that" - I am willing to give you that guidance though my Personal Mentoring Programs.

Due to the personal nature of mentoring I am limited as to the number of people I can work with. I am only interested in working with those who have:

  • An open mind
  • A sincere desire to seriously achieve
  • Those who hold the highest values of honesty and integrity
  • A desire for win win relationships
  • The courage to follow through with action
  • Those who are willing to share what they learn and mentor others
  • Those who understand and value continuous growth and education

Are you willing to invest in your future, in something that could bring security, joy and success as well as everything you and your family have EVER wanted?


Well that’s fantastic, you surely have what it takes to make a success of you life and live to the fullest.

Welcome to a very exclusive group, those who not only know what they want from life, but are also willing to do something about it. I certainly applaud you.

Remember, this is tried and tested information that is guaranteed to work if followed. I Have helped countless people and businesses reach their personal and financial goals over the years. I‘d love to help you realize your dreams as well.

There’s no commitment, you can stop at anytime with a full refund

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Your satisfaction on all life coaching services is fully guaranteed and if for any reason you are not completely satisfied with any service you receive you will receive a no questions asked refund of any unused portion of any service you have purchased.

Best Wishes



Due to the time consuming nature of mentoring I have to limited the number of clients I am able to work with. Act now in order to secure your place at this remarkable low price.


If you are still questioning or are unhappy with the price (do the math, how could I possibly do it cheaper?), maybe that's a good thing. I don't intend for my bluntness to offend anybody but the plain truth is I only want to work with with people who are 100% on board and committed and will apply what is learned to their lives.

I've done all I can do to make this as risk free as possible for you. Now its your turn to take action and subscribe.

Why Wait?

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