Overcome Low Self esteem

by Paul

Here are my tips for building confidence and self esteem.

Find what you do well and do it often. That is the first step. If you're good at photography, do it. If you sing well, sing often. People will enjoy it. Doing what you are good at will make you feel good about yourself and it will make you happy, it is a good deal.

Go and volunteer at a senior citizens center, or a local hospital, volunteer work will again make you feel good and you are doing a good thing helping others.

Find a sport you enjoy and participate. If you can't play, but still love the sport, become a referee or an umpire. That way you can still play and even get paid for it, even if you can't play as well as the others on the field.

Confidence and self esteem comes from experience. Get experiences in things you want to do. Build accomplishments, strive to win awards and then keep them on your wall or on the shelf where you can show them off.

If you are always getting certificates of accomplishment, put them in a picture frame and then put them on the wall in your living room or your office where everybody can see them.

Everyone should have an "I love me" wall. That way you can remind yourself just how good you are at what you do!

Do these little things and your self esteem will soon start to grow.

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