Focus On The Positive

by Ella

I used to have terrible self esteem problems, and then
I got involved with a drama workshop, even though I never had main parts I still feel like I achieve something.

Maybe you could benefit from a dance group or something? try writing down everything you want to achieve, what don't you like about yourself and what you do, and then try and put the bad things into context e.g. say you don't like your nose, who has a worsen nose than you? Are they bothered?

Cut out all bitching and bitches out of your life, they're not worth the energy your using over worrying. Get your own style and don't follow a trend at least then you don't have to worry and be insecure over what your wearing.

Wear a smile because its scientific fact that when you smile it releases happy hormones in your head so that you are actually happy!

Look for something or someone you love and concentrate on that for a while, and find something that makes you happy so when you feel low you can listen to that or do that, take yourself away from negativity and try to concentrate on the good things, and the confidence will just come.

Never focus on the negative, it is not going to help you.

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