Build Self Esteem By Making Friends

by wendy

To build your self esteem complete small projects on a regular basis, then stand back and take in the sense of accomplishment. Spend a little to a lot of time doing something you're good regularly. Spend a little time at improving something you aren't so good at each week. Track your progress. Play up your good features.

Make little lists of things you want do and slowly do them, write down things you've always wanted to do and plan how to do them, take action also write a to do list every week and every month as you'll then achieve more and realize what your doing, plus your great so.. yeah. This will be awesome for your confidence too.

You can't improve your self esteem if you just sit at home feeling bad.

You need to socialize, try, get out and make friends even if you don't want to, you will really benefit.

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