Why Quit smoking?

by Mr T

You have more than likely heard how smoking can be harmful to your health and those around you. Here are some of the benefits to quitting.

-Prolong your life.

-Better health. Smoking increases your risk of lung cancer, throat cancer, lung disease, emphysema, heart disease, high blood pressure, stomach ulcers, gum disease and mouth cancer, improves asthma.

-Smoking causes coughing, poor energy levels, and sore throats.

-Look better. Smoking can cause face wrinkles,yellow and stained teeth, and shineless skin.

Is it possible to quit smoking?

There's no one way to quit smoking that works for everyone. Ask your doctor about smoking help and programs in your area.

Getting ready to quit.

Before you quit, setting a plan will help. Pick a date to quit, and then prepare. Record when and why you smoke. You will come to know what habits you have that cause you to smoke.

Record what you do when you smoke. Try smoking at different times and different places to break the connections between smoking and certain activities.

List your motivations for quitting. Read this list before and after you quit.

Find things to do to replace smoking. Be ready to do something else when you want to smoke.

Ask your doctor about using nicotine gum and patches. Some people find these aids are very helpful. Also ask about nicotine free prescription medication, like Zyban, that can help you quit smoking.

Time to quit: Day 1

On the day you pick to quit, start that morning without a cigarette. Then follow these helpful tips:

Don't think about what you are missing. Think about what you are gaining.

Repeat to yourself yourself you are a great person for quitting. Remind yourself of this when you want a cigarette.

When you get the urge to smoke, breath deeply. Hold it for 10 seconds and then release it very slowly.

Change your habits connected to smoking. Take a walk or read a book instead of taking a cigarette break.

Don't carry cigarettes or as lighter.

Go to places that don't allow smoking, such as museums and libraries.

Eat healthy foods when the urge to smoke strikes. Carrot and celery sticks, fresh fruits, and fat-free snacks are good choices.

Drink a lot of water. Eliminate on alcohol and caffeine, they can trigger the desire to smoke.

Select water, herbal teas, caffeine free soft drinks, and juices.

Exercise. Exercising will help you relax.

Hang out with non smokers.

Seek support for quitting. Tell others about your milestones with pride.

Your risk of dying from lung cancer drops to almost the same rate as a lifelong NON-smoker

Your risk of other cancers, such as cancer of the mouth, larynx, esophagus, bladder, kidney, and pancreas decreases

How Will I Feel When I Quit Smoking?

Crave cigarettes.

Feel very hungry.

Cough often.

Get headaches.

Have difficulty concentrating.

Have constipation.

Feel very tired.

Have a sore throat.

Have difficulty sleeping.

Although withdrawal symptoms will be the strongest during the first few weeks, they should go away within a month or so.

Tried and failed before?

To quit, you must be ready emotionally and mentally. It may take several tries before you are successful. Some people are more ready to quit than others. Look at these five steps of change that people go through to successfully quit smoking.

Step 1 Pre contemplation. You don't want to quit smoking, but you may try to quit because you feel pressured to quit.

Step 2 Contemplation. You want to quit someday. You haven't taken steps to quit, but you know that you want to quit.

Stage 3 Get ready. You take little steps to quit such as cutting back or switching to a lighter brand.

Stage 4 It's time. You commit to quitting. You make changes in your actions and environment to help cope with urges to smoke and remain smoke free for 6 months.

Stage 5 Keep up. You have not smoked for one year, don't let your guard down.

Relapses are very common. In fact, 75% of those who quit will smoke again. Most smokers try to quit 3 times before being successful. Just keep going, you will get there eventually and the rewards will be with you for the rest of your life. It's well worth the effort and the pain you have to go through.

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