Why Am I Like This All The Time?

by Joey

Why am I like this all the time?
Ok so I'm 22 and whenever I'm alone at my apartment with nothing to do even for just five minutes, I start to get anxiety depression and sometimes I even hyperventilate..

Most of the time there is something I go do like clean, go for a walk, cook but that's about it. whenever I cant think of anything to do or talk to or hang out I just start to drive myself crazy.

I'll start walking back and forth getting a worried look on my face. I've been having stress with my ex girl friend, bills, work and a new girl who has a kid and wants to go out with me, but I don't really think of these things when I get like that.

when I'm alone at my place I feel like my head is so full of thoughts and stuff that I cant even focus on anything, it that whats driving me crazy like this? I cant really afford counseling and I have a hard time opening up unless I'm feeling like i had described.

Any recommendations? Please.

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Sep 17, 2015
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I'm having this kind of problem but my thoughts are half bad and half good.

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Oct 15, 2008
My opinion is...
by: Frank

I'm an aspiring therapist. I'm not that old, but it's quite hard to say what your problem is unless I can get you to talk a bit more.

Overall, I don't know the situation between you and your ex-girlfriend, and everyone has bills, of course. You're an adult; we all have responsibilities and bills is just one of them.

It sounds like you could have some kindof anxiety disorder. My father had a bit of an anxiety disorder growing up; for me as well. It's a fear of what's going to happen in the future. Where are you going in life? You probably often question yourself many life-risking questions. Your head is constantly full of thoughts.

Are they bad thoughts? Or good thoughts? Or are they half and half?

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