Where to begin

by Rié
(Michigan, USA)

Hello everyone,

My name is Rié and I am a 17 year old girl from the United States. It is my greatest dream to be the most beautiful singer in the world. I want to create the most beautiful pop music, like Bjork and Kylie and Kate Bush and Michael Jackson. I want to have beautiful concerts at Versailles and the Opera Garnier. My music will be artistic and imaginative and utterly perfect.

I want to be a public figure and reach people with my music all around the world. I see it very clearly, people being so deeply touched by what I've created that they're crying of pure joy and are glowing of light inside...

I want to be based in Paris, France, my favorite city and one of the most beautiful on the planet.

When I think of my dream, I cry because it is so, so beautiful. I know that I will succeed and that I will do everything I set out to do. I am willing to do whatever it takes to get there, and although I don't know how it will all happen, I know that somehow it will.

I walk blindly in faith because I see it and feel it like a fire inside of me.

Please help me, I want to know where to begin.

Thank you and bless you,


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