wat to do?

by tarun arora
(new delhi)

i lik sumone..n dat gal doesnt lik me...i hav tried 2 forget her many times...bt wenever i see her, i become upset...d negative thoughts comes into ma mind...she is in my college....i evn sumtimes lose interest in ma studies...i cnt concentrate in ma class...ma studies r goin worse day by day...i jst wana kno wat 2 do...hw to deal wid ma negative thoughts?????
i hav one more ques???
y lyf seems so borin to me????

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Dec 01, 2008
by: Cody

Sorry but no good news for you really. I think the quicker you can accept the situation the better it will be for everyone. If you are not careful, not only will you not have the girl but you will not have an education either.

If your education and other life activities suffer as a result of this girl, your emotional investment will only grow stronger.

Not want you want to hear but cut your losses and run. It's never going to be easy, and there is no easy answer as to how to make you feel better, but the quicker you can let go the quicker you will start to heal and move on. Friends, hobbies, stuff like that can help and are a great way to meet new people but time is the only real answer.

There are many more fish in the sea and you will surely love again, and just so you know, this happens to the best of us.

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