The Difference In Christian Investing

by steve

OK, here's the difference between Christian investing and non.

RATIONAL investors look at EVIDENCE as an indicator of performance.

IRRATIONAL a.k.a religious INVESTORS just "pray" that you will receive a return on your investment.

Analogy: You spend your entire life "believing" that you will get a set of wings when you die. You die, but rather than going to paradise, you face only the oblivion of emptiness.

You could have used your life, CAPITAL in this case, investing in worthwhile activities such advancing the condition of your fellow humans and species but instead you choose to believe in something completely irrational and realized a complete loss at the end of the investing period, your life in this case.

Yes, I understand were probably talking about moral investments that don't have interests in pornography, alcohol, etc.

If you are a true, peaceful Christian, I would advise you to keep your money out of.... well...defense, oil, drug company's, pretty much anything that leads to war and exploitation of the masses in the interest of profit.

Basically do a bit of research into a company before you spend you money. There shouldn't really be any difference between being a Christian investor and just an investor.

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