Symptoms Of Depression

by Steve

Here are some of the Symptoms of Depression

Insomnia, not being able to sleep or sleeping to much.
Crying often and uncontrollably.
Feelings of emptiness.
Loss of interest in usually enjoyable activities.
Difficulty in thinking clearly.
Feelings of guilt or unworthiness.
Loss of concentration.
Low self-esteem.
No desire to talk.
Continual fatigue.
Loss of appetite
Socially withdrawn
Weight loss

Persistent thoughts of death of suicide
Attempted suicide

The Never-Give-Up Spirit

People who are indifferent and apathetic about themselves give up and go under easily. You have to know what you want from life, what you want and what you do not want.

If you want to get on and, even more important, live a happy satisfying life, you require a definite goal at which to aim and you must want to get there.
We usually find that hard work and determination is behind the success stories in every field of endeavor. You need to be realistic about yourself to recognize exactly what is involved, and to know your strengths and weaknesses.

Some people give up because they have allowed themselves to indulge a pleasant fantasy wish-fulfillment regardless of what it implies in terms of actual perseverance and effort.

You need a definite goal and a plan. It helps to work out how to go about achieving your ambition, and to divide your progress into stages. In this way, it is possible to direct effort to the best effect. You start out knowing what is required of you, and you acquire skill and experience as you go.

To know what you are doing and why develops discipline and drive. It is encouraging to look back on the progress already made and then look ahead to the next stage. You become alert and start looking ahead,you become good at spotting opportunities, and quick to act on them.

A definite ambition, the determination and forethought to achieve it, combine to develop that never quit spirit. You can persevere and work better when you know what you aim at and how you mean to accomplish. Your interest and ambition encourages you so that setbacks are seen as problems to overcome rather than obstacles which defeat you.

Take a goodlook at yourself so that you neither ask nor expect the impossible. Go for what you know you should be able to achieve.

If you work in harmony with your ability you will develop the necessary belief to achieve your dreams. This is what you need to keep going when it is hard.
You learn from life that everybody has ups and downs, and that when one door closes another usually opens to encourage you to have another go.

By having these goals and this vision you will avoid depression and you will no longer have to experience the symptoms of depression again.

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