Quitting smoking? Find what works for you.

by Bethany

Seriously, when it comes to quitting smoking you just have to find what works for you.

In my own opinion, people get addicted in different ways. Some get addicted to cigarettes physically (the nicotien), while some its more of a mental habbit.

E.g, my ex husband and I both smoked. He was the type that if he didn't have cigarettes when he woke up, he would have to go to the store first thing. Myself on the other hand could go half of the day and take my time getting ready. Then when I was ready I would stop at the store on my way to work or whatever.

He was more so physically addicted than me. Because of this, the nicotien patch worked really effectively for him. It made me crazy and want a cigarette even more, actually because the nicotine was in my system but I didn't have that mental addiction of the oral fixation to the cigarette. My cure for the cigarettes was Wintergreen Lifesavers and chewing gum.

It's just different for everybody, you need to look fdeeper into your problem. Learn when it is that you just must have a cigarette, and try to somehow supplement some sort of other activity in its place.

Look inside of yourself and ask yourself what it is that you need. By all means take advice from others but the answer altimately is in you.

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