Quit Smoking Cold Turkey

by David

I quit smoking cold turkey.I smoked 1 pack a day for 20 years. It's hard but you can do it.

I made my mind up on day, I want to take care of myself. Smoking was effecting my workouts quite negatively. I was coughing all the time and my cardio endurance was terrible.

Quitting smoking has transformed my health.

My HDL doubled. My cholesterol dropped 50 points. My bloodpressure dropped from slightly elevated to 80/50 (with exercise of course). My triglycerides are phenomenal. All of my bloodwork, resting pulse rate is fantastic. I don't have problems leppeing or sleep apnea anymore and food just tastes great!!.

I just hope I quit in time to avoid lung cancer. If you ever see a loved one die of cancer, you will stop smoking immediately. It's not a pretty thing to see. It's an awful way to die, long drawn out and painful. I agree that a great thing to to is look at people that are suffering and seeing this will change your mind about smoking.

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