Passive Income

by Brad

What are some good ways to make passive income? I don't have a lot of free time or money to put into it but I want to make a lot. What about the online surveys and stuff that I see all the time, do you think that they work? What is the quickest way to make money without doing very much work? Also I seen pyramid schemes where you give them a little bit of money and a few months later you get a lot back, do they work?

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Feb 13, 2009
Passive Income Types
by: Cody

Come on Brad, you basically want somebody to give you money for free right, lets be a bit realistic. Your not going to get a lot of money for a little bit or no work. The thing about passive income is that you have to spend the time up front to set it up and get it working, then you reap the reward on the back end. You might have to put in a year of hard work before you start to see the passive income coming in.

As far as types of passive income I have covered that else where, follows the links in the article to see that. Briefly though I would say writing and selling an e-book would be great, affiliate marketing, a website or blog and so on, these all work well. A little research will go a long way. As to the survey and pyramid schemes, I would stay as far away as possible, very unlikely you will make any money there.

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