Obsessive jealousy of my sister in law

I am a goodlooking and intelligent young woman. I have a jealousy problem that is becoming obessesive. My sister in law is two years younger than me, 10cm taller than me, a couple of shades blonder than me, thinner than me, has a better figure than me, and so on. She looks like a milliondollar earning supermodel. I am emotional, and sometimes I can be pretty dependant of my boyfriend. She is down to earth and can walk away from a guy who\'s doing something she doesnt like, just like that without doubting. This is because she has pdd-nos, not because its a carachteristic of hers. But still. Then she has the greatest taste in clothes. Everything she buys I want to have, but I can\'t buy it anymore because I don\'t want to copy her. Whenever I buy something that she has too, I make sure I don\'t wear it around her. It\'s becoming obsessive because I\'m up to a point where I have pictures of her saved on my computer, looking at her online profile pages regularly for new pictures and to see who she\'s talking to, making sure I look my absolute best whenever I know that there might be a possibility that she\'s gonna be at my boyfriends parents house when Im there.. I\'ve removed all the pictures before and stopped checking her pages cold turkey, but it didnt help because Im doing it again. It doenst make any sense because I look great and have no reason to be so sickening jealous of this girl. I just want to get rid of it..

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