No social life

by Carly

I've moved back to the small town where I grew up to be near my aging mother, but I find that I have no friends here to socialise with. The old friends I have met are married with children and have their own lives to lead and I haven't met any new friends. The things I can do as a single person are limited and often things I have no interest in - salsa dancing, line dancing, exercise classes. I'm quite shy, which doesn't help. It's early days yet and I know it takes time to make friends but I can't really see anything changing as long as I live here. I go away a lot too, but I do want to settle down and make a happy and full life for myself here. I even started looking at the lonely hearts in the local newspaper, but I don't think it's a man I need at the moment, it's just some nice friends to do things with locally. At the moment I spend too much time alone or just going to visit my mother and brother (who lives with her and is an alcoholic, which is pretty depressing too). i want a bit of fun in my life.

What can I do?

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May 07, 2011
Instant network of friends
by: Jessie

Hi Carly,

Like you said, making friends does take time. In my experience the best way to be in an instant new network of people is to attend a sociable, young, friendly church in your town.

Im not sure what your spiritual beliefs are...but if you truly want to make nice, trustworthy, caring friends, I would recommend going to a charismatic church in your area. There are always activities going on, and people love to make you feel welcome and socialize with you, go for coffees etc.

Trust me, I couldn't believe it when I moved to a new town and attended a small church in a theatre. My life changed over night. My misconceptions flew out the window, it was the loveliest group of people I'd ever met. Its a great starting point for you. Hope that helps...all the best!

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