Need Help

by Sara

I am a 27 yr old single, military mother. I have destroyed my life! I have always gotten really bad migraines, and on one specific day a special person in my life gave me a percocet to help me. At the time I had no idea what it was but it helped and took them away. I loved the feeling so much I started buying them from people, but then I left for military training and I was off until 4 months into training when I rolled my ankle. The Dr's gave me percocet, and then I graduated and came home. I was addicted all over again, and I still am. I hate it so much! I use to work full time and go to college full time and have a great relationship with my daughter. I also kept up with my house and managed to have a little fun and help people. Now I am useless! No job, no money, no school, and I'm pushing my little girl away! I know I need help, but my partner is negative with that idea. She is also addicted and has been since before we started dating which was over 4 yrs ago! I am so depressed, I hate my life! I have even ruined my dreams and goals with some of the things that I have done since getting addicted to this shit! What do I do? Where do I go for help? Keep in mind I have no medical insurance... Please if you can help me please HELP!!

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