I Don't feel compentent enough to ever have a good job. I have no self-confidence or very low- self confidence and I was wondering how I can change this. ??? please help me

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May 07, 2011
Life can get better!
by: Ray

Hi. I can personally relate to what you are saying. I recognised these feelings inside me years ago and in my case it was related to a series of incidents from my childhood, and how I was talked down to by certain family members.

In your case perhaps your low self confidence is a result of some incident or relationship from your past, where perhaps someone made you believe either through their words or actions, that they had little faith in you?

You have to recognise that these beliefs you carry around are false, they are designed to keep you in your place and stop you from reaching your potential. Change the way you see yourself by focusing on the things that you do well. Make a list of all the things, no matter how insignificant they seem, that you are good at doing. Focus on your strengths instead of dwelling on your weaknesses. Its just a matter of a shift in your thinking.

With regards to a job...start where you are and do whatever role you are given to the best of your ability. Your confidence will increase once you can see that you are valued in the role you do and that you do it to such a high standard. Then gradually you will move up and onwards as your skills increase. Allow yourself to make mistakes without self condemnation. This is the only way we ever learn! With time, as your mindset and skill set improve you will find yourself functioning brilliantly in a job you value.

Stay focused and committed to overcoming these false beliefs that you are allowing to dominate you. Set small goals for yourself and diligently work towards them, be patient and committed! You will see breakthroughs in your life!

Life is a journey...and its in overcoming the tests we face that we can have a testimony!
It will get better...just keep going! Step out in faith and believe in yourself!

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