Key to Wealth Is To Work Smart

by Mattie

If you want to become wealthy work smart Not necessarily hard although working hard is an asset.

If your just a regular person from a working class background then consider this. The majority of self made millionaires from the working classes made their money and their wealth in real estate.

Ignore the current doom and gloom you see in the real estate market. The worse it is the more potential for you making a profit. The last time real estate went to crashed was around 1980. I bought properties when folks were foreclosing and giving them away. I cleaned and decorated them up, rented them out and cashed in a few years later when I sold them.

OK I didn't make millions but that's because I'm a little lazy but I made plenty and I have lived in a paid for house since. I've never paid rent or a mortgage in my life.

Look up this book Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiosaki it will help you get a clue and give you start on how to become wealthy. He gives some great advice in there.

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Sep 09, 2008
by: Gemma

Save everything you do not need to spend. Don't just throw it in a bank savings either, invest.

Invest your capitol in something reliable that you know and trust. This investment earns you money dividends. Reinvest theses dividends.

The key is not to touch the savings until you are ready to. The hard part is saving it to begin with. it takes serious discipline to save your money, but if you manage it correctly, it pays off in magnitudes!

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