Just Do It

by Mark

I tried to quit every day for almost three years. I knew I really wanted to quit but just couldn't find the strength to do it.

For some it's an oral fixation, not me, for me, it was my body telling me that I needed the nicotine. Even knowing that it was killing the inside of me wasn't enough. I would read stuff about disease and stuff on the web just to scare me. Smoking a pack of cigarettes every day is day is like pouring 1 cup of tar on your lungs every year. About three months ago I started dating a girl who just didn't like kissing men who smoked. I liked her so much I just finally quit. I didn't change who I was for her, I just finally did something I really wanted to do and she was the catalyst that made it happen. So here's my point..

You just j=have to really want to quit smoking. Really want to do it then just do it. I've been going for three months and I gotta say, after the first week or two. if you can last that long it gets so much easier. Just be strong.

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