Intrigued, flabbergasted, enthralled and excited!

by Justin Michael Griffin
(Pearland, Tx, United States)

For the past two years an awareness of spirit occurred, after attempted denial of its existence within this universe. Lost, fearful, unaware of the totality of universal love and attracting all of this to myself for a learning sequence of events; I come now to this website following the flow of conscious love and light absolutely engaged. To claim to be without faults and addiction would be a lack of self honesty. To abstain from learning more and more within the fields of consciousness, the physics of basic Newtonian to introductory quantum mechanics and the feeling, emotional energies around would be a disservice to this body. The mind-body-spirit complex IS. Ever evolving, forever constant and without flaw we may use this thought complex to entertain our desires and questions. Never have I felt more capable of expressing one simple idea: we all need each other more than we can actualize with numbers, theory, emotion etc. Thank you for your contribution to the unified conscious field of this relative piece of ?time-space.? Better stated: I love. Thank you!

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