I'm just so sensitive

I can easily get upset by comments that other people say to me, even though I'm in my 40's!

I try very hard not to let what they say to me hurt but it does and I can't myself from becoming very upset!

People just say that I'm too sensitive and need to grow a thick skin but how can I do that when I'm in my 40's! Why should I change when other people shouldn't be so horrible to me.

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Nov 07, 2008
Their are comments are about themselves, not you.
by: Cody

I agree that people should be nicer, but you have to deal with the way things are, not how they should be. You cannot change the world quickly but you can change how you see it.

The thing to keep in mind is that when somebody says something nasty to you they are saying something about themselves, nothing about you. All they are saying is I am the type of person who would make a nasty comment for no reason.

As you well know it's not as easy as saying just ignore it, it's just not that simple. The answer I think is in finding your sense of worth on the inside. I know nothing about you really so I don't want to make assumptions about your state of mind, but if your sense of self worth is contained within, nothing external can then touch that and you become free from those comments.

I personally have to deal with it all time so I know how you feel. Running a website like this, the intention is to help, but I still get a lot of nasty comments for no reason. They way I deal with it is that I know that I am trying to provide a helpful service, so I don't let the comments get to me, I just delete them and forget about it.

I would have a look at the self esteem and confidence section here. Everything there is what I found to help me personally. Have a read and if you have any questions feel free to ask them again. I hope that helps.

Best of luck

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