I Thought I was Going To Die!

by Simon

I stopped drinking on September 1st 1999

Filled with my new found confidence of being able to do anything i gave up smoking as a new year resolution for the turn of the millennium. Bottom line is I thought that I was going to die.

My father died of cancer seven years after diagnosis, to say he went through so much pain and distress over those seven years could belittle the 50 previous years of the effects smoking had on his body and his mind and on our family life. I was an asthmatic child and could not move during these attacks. My mother is still asthmatic now.

My father did give up but instead of being able to celebrate his success it was far too late for him.

The worst mistake I made when giving up smoking was finding stuff to stick in my mouth or shove down my throat, the best thing was looking at my room and thinking about decorating. Best thing is to stay busy and try to take your mind of of it.

I doubted my ability to see this through over the first few weeks, i sat back and planned the few days before payday how i would spend my money, because i knew if i didn't have it i could not be tempted to spend it on cigarettes. I went into town and bought a watch, i bought new shoes which happened to be the best pair of shoes id ever bought in my life (Marks and Spencer £45 = $90 approx ) they felt better to wear than trainers. I did all I could to insure the money was not in my possession long enough for me to think about spending it on cigarettes.

Good luck to you and I wish you the best of luck in quitting smoking.

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