I think im going mad. Please can you help me?

by Rose

I fell in love with a guy and he told me he loved me. I had never felt love before that was so strong. And then i went and cheated on him.

I felt so guilty and so horrible because i messed up the one thing that mattered so much to me.

Now i cannot sleep at night because i keep hearing voices inside my head. They are voices of the people who i have ever wronged and they are all telling me how much of an awful person I am.

Im hurting so much and im going more and more crazy every second of every day. I dont know what to do. Please can you help me? Im so lost and so alone.

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Jul 21, 2010
by: David

Love is a state of mind, nothing more.
Considering life as it is, one day you'll end up either underground or in an urn.
So what's the point in worrying about some man you loved?
Shrug off all the bullshit constraints that society has put upon you and enjoy what comes naturally - Sex.
People pretend to be happy with one partner and call it "love" while all along, all they think about is hitting the bars and nightclubs with plenty of money in their pockets and partying like crazy and getting laid with people they take a fancy to.
That's why you cheated - because "cheating" is word created by sad bastards who believe that sex with more than one person is wrong. It is not wrong.
You followed the natural insticts resident within the foundations of every single human being in the world. Even those self righteous fools who protest against "cheating" have the same instict.
For most women in this world who have found the "love of their lives", I can guarantee any single one of them would "cheat" if Brad Pitt offered himself to them.
And any man in the world would do the same if Cameron Diaz or Jennifer Lopez got their tits out and asked for sex.
People who conform to the model of "fidelity" are either stupid, ugly or misguided.
Enjoy your life while it last, darling.
As for the voices in your head, please take this advice:
When you realise that you can do whatever you want whenever you want and that you have NOBODY to answer to, your confidence will increase dramatically and those stupid voices will stop.
In fact, if you can relax and laugh at the whole situation, the voices will become redundant.
You have done nothing wrong.

And for those of you who are preaching religious nonsense, please stand back and ask yourself why God gave us reactive sex organs if he didn't want people to have sex.

Enjoy your life and stop fucking your head up with other people's bullshit ideas on right and wrong.
Love is a state of mind - don't fall for it, ot you'll end up like me. In your 40's and wasted half your life with one person because it's the "correct and moral" thing to do while all the time wanting to have fun.

This is how life works - either get bogged down with shit and boring family life or have some FUN.

Feb 04, 2010
My Advice
by: Cody

The answer to your question can be found in the Bible starting in the book of Matthew in the New Testament.

I suggest strongly that you read it.

You may not like this answer but I am sincerely trying to help you here and this is the best advice I can give.

You need to find forgiveness for what you have done but you also need to turn away from what has caused you to take these action.

I cannot help you only give you direction, but you can help yourself by doing what I suggest.

Please do this if you wish to regain your sanity.

I wish I could tell you something you want to hear but sadly I can't.

Best of luck and please get in contact gain if you need to.


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