I Sure Have Quit Smoking!

by Marious

I sure have quit smoking, for about a month and a half now. The cool thing is I didnt really even mean to quit...I had a cold and my 4 year old had a cough.

I found myself not really smoking because you know when you have a cold and your lung just kind of reject it, it's quite easy really. And then even after my cold, my 4 year old had a cough so I was very strict about not smoking around her also, didn't want to make it worse. It was cold out, so I wasnt going outside to smoke, it just wasn't convienient for me to smoke for a while. That's when I thought I thought, wow, I havent had a cigarette all day yet, so I thought why not make it all day long. And then the next day and the next day next.

Thats how I quit. I'm so happy but I really think God delivered me from it. I missed them a little bit sometimes, it's not to bad.

I can honostly say, I have WAY more energy now. I used to be tired all day and I thought it was from smoking, and now I know it really was from smoking. I feel sooo much better now. You can do it, once you see how good you feel, you wont want to go back to smoking.

Just do it, if you knew how much better you would feel it would be well worh suffering for just a little bit.

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