i made a grave mistake.. i feel so sorry and depressed..

by maani adam

i hav felt this way 4 a long time, couldnt even tell my husband.. before i married him i made the mistake 4 falling for the lies and falling for my bestfriends husband.. he lied to me saying that she is not a gud wife and all. i believed and fell for him.. when i knew the truth and saw the lies behind his face by then it was too late i had lost my friend... she said that she will never forgive me... its so so painful... how could i hav been so blind and stupid? at that time i was devorced, my ex husband used to beat me.. and i was out of that marraige then... my present husband knows everything except my true feelings and the pain i feel within for the mistake i had done... how can i ever forgive myself...?

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