I have a Dream... (My Champix Story)

I am 28 years old and have been smoking for about 1/12 years now. The stress of university exams and 2 children (not to mention a husband) sort of took its toll and one day, after quitting in 1999, I went to the convenience store and bought a pack of cigs. (My cute pet name that makes me feel like I'm not poisoning my body). When school and family calmed down a bit I decided that I should quit while I was ahead before any more years go by - but it was much harder to quit than I had anticipated. After about 2 months of on again off again smoking and serious mood swings, I figured I wouldn't be able to quit on my own without committing some sort of murder-suicide first. My doctor gave me a prescription for Champix (the "miracle smoking-cessation drug") and after reading all the negative things about it I let it sit in my drawer for another month - until yesterday.

I have decide to log my progress here so you all can decide if Champix would help for you. I live in Canada so the cost was about $75.00 but with my benefits plan (most plans cover smoking cessation)I only paid the dispensing fee of about $15. I went to Shoppers Drug Mart so it was a little more expensive. I thought that would be better since they give you all the information on how to use it, but the Champix pack actually comes with very good instructions so a cheaper local pharmacy would be just as good.

The side effects on the package list: nausea, vomiting, trouble sleeping, abdominal pains, gas, depression, anxiety and a few others that I can't remember right now

The first pack comes with enough pills for two weeks and the dosage gradually increases the up to the 14th day. I have until the 14th day to stop smoking cigs altogether or the medication will not work properly. I have decided not to smoke another cig after th 7th day...wish me luck!

Day 1 - One low dosage pill in the morning

I took the medication early, at about 5am. I had woken up out of my sleep and had decided to go out for a cig since there was nothing to watch on tv. It was pretty cold out and I got to thinking that I should just start the pills and get it over with since I probably already suffer from insomnia anyway and the thought of sitting out in the snow smoking a cig all winter was not very appealing.

Side Effects: I felt a little bit of nausea (probably cuz I didn't eat) and a little gas but that was about it. I actually went back to sleep eventually as well so no big deal

Cigs: I smoked 1 1/2 cigs yesterday

It is now day 2 and I only took the pill an hour ago so I will have to update you tomorrow. I already had a cig. I hope this helps somebody.

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Jul 24, 2012
Trying to quit... NEW
by: Anonymous

I smoked for 12 years and quit for 1.5 years. I started smoking again and have been for 2.5 years. I was hiding my smoking from everyone over the last 2 years. My husband, family, coworkers had no idea I had started smoking again. My husband caught me smoking 3 weeks ago. He was very angry that I was hiding this from him. He does not want me to smoke & I know our relationship will never be the same if I don't quit smoking. I do want to quit smoking not only to keep my relationship happy, but to see my almost 3 year old son grow up and to just overall be in better health. I have cut down to 1-3 cigarettes a day, but I can't seem to go through an entire day without having a cigarette. I am thinking about trying Champix. I feel like I am taking the easy way out, but I am really struggling with doing it on my own. Any advice? Side effects? I just want something to make me stop thinking about smoking!!

Apr 05, 2012
28 days without a smoke NEW

Hi there:

I have been a pack a day smoker for about 35 years. My husband and I both decided that we should quit if we want to be alive and healthy to enjoy retirement so at the end of February I started Champix (he is doing the patch). I did the trial 2 week period to see how I reacted to it. (My doctor said I would know in that period of time) Well I was fine with it. A little nauseous in the am, but take it with food or lots of water. I started only having about 2 smokes a day, just cause they didn't taste that good. By the time my quit day came around which was March 8th I was almost forcing myself to have one just because of the habit.I haven't had a smoke since then March 8th and today is day 28.I feel great. More energy, better breathing, smell better, so many positives. I am not getting any bad side effects from Champix at all. Some dreaming and that's about it. My husband who is doing the patch has been smoke free for 5 weeks. One thing we did decide was to refrain from being around other smokers for awhile. Anyhow I am taking each day one at a time. If I do get a craving (which isn't very often) I just let it pass or I get up and do something. Stay busy. So far I am a believer of Champix. Good Luck!

Dec 09, 2011
Just Do It NEW
by: Terry

Have been a smoker for 25+ yrs (pack a day). I am currently on Champix day 4 of the second week and have not had a cig yet. I find that it works quite well. I do have some urges but I think it is out of habit vice nicotine. I take a couple of deep breaths and carry on. Try to change your routine, I find that really helps. So far so good. I am pretty determined, I was diagnosed with diabetes in April of this yr and the Doc said that not to worry about diabetes because smoking will kill long before diabetes will. For the first time I think I ready to hear the comment and not to just blow it off. Diabetes has been the best thing that ever happened to me. I am 40 lbs lighter and have never felt better in my life, it is literaly forcing me to be healthier and quitting smoking is just the last stage of the journey. The way I figure, I am running 5k 3 times a week, squash twice a week, why am I doing all this to be healthy then lighting a cigarette? I'm done with smoking!


Oct 15, 2011
My experrience
by: Tom

I started Champix about two weeks ago at the recommended dose, but couldn't sleep much and had very vivid dreams. The next day I took only half a dose and things were better. After the first week I started taking the recommended dose and have no side effects and lost the urge to smoke. Much easier than cold turkey!! So far very satisfied with Champix. My advice is to cut the dosage in half until your brain gets used to it. Haven't smoked for the past two days and have no urge to. Need to replace the habit with something useful to fill the gap!!

Aug 06, 2011
Any major side effects?
by: Anonymous

Are you still on it?

Jun 01, 2011
Did it WORK?
by: Anonymous

Well we have not seen a post since sept 2010. How has this worked for you? I am seriously thinking of trying this medication and could really use your input
Thank you

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