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How to have relation reasonably is so difficult. Relaxing helps us to be better, stronger, or even more rejuvenated. can you tell me the best ways to relax after working hard.

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Sep 03, 2008
Overcoming Daily stress
by: Cody

Thank you for your question.

It might sound a bit surprising but my recommendation would be two things.

1. A short period of exercise after arriving home, the more strenuous the better, but even a 10-15 minute walk in silence will help a lot. Exercise although not physically relaxing relaxes the mind and reduces the stress caused throughout the day, it also ensure a good nights sleep. if your mind is clear relaxing becomes very easy.

2. Find a hobby or something you love that you can completely lose yourself in. I love guitar myself, I can completely forget the world for hours at a time while playing. Find something you love an just throw yourself at it. TV's ok, but you don't grow any, it just make you dull.

Hopefully that helps.
Good luck

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