How can i be happy?

I am 25 and still living at home with my parents. I don't feel like a real adult. I am living at home because I was getting my Master's degree. I just got my first real teaching job but with the economy, I think I might be laid off this summer. I cannot afford to move out. I feel very stifled and unhappy living here. Also, I don't speak to my siblings, which adds to my unhappiness. How can I accept this current situation and be more positive?

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Feb 06, 2009
Your Being To Hard On Yourself
by: Cody

I think firstly I have to say achieving a masters degree is a phenomenal achievement and you should be congratulating yourself for that. Secondly moving home to be a full time student carries no shame with it whether you are 20 or 40, for most people it is just necessary. Nobody in there right mind is going to think less of you for that.

As far as the job goes, well, everybody is in the same boat there, the economy has turned down and that's just a part of it. You have a job, worry about losing it when you lose it. Education is not a service that will be cut, even in the harshest of economies. Even if you lose that particular job, teaching jobs will always be availabe. If you want some tips on being more positive have a look at the manifesting section of this site, I'll just direct you there instead of re-writing material.

Finally you are in a great position really, you are educated, you have a job and you are in a position to possibly save money. Maybe look at some of the benefits to your situation instead of just the draw backs.

Good luck

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