Finding Your Dream Lover

by Paul

You will probably never meet your dream girl because shes probably flawless and no woman or man is flawless, I,m sure you could meet someone that is close to your dream woman if your expectations are not too high.

You do have to be realistic so keep that in mind. if you want to get into a relationship with any girl you have to have confidence, self esteem and nothing else.

If it does not work out because you're personality does not click with hers just move on because she was never meant to be the woman for you anyway.

Finding your soul mate takes time and trail an error which is what dating is for.

Most people usually start dating when there 15 or so and end up finding their soul mate when there about 25 or 26. Just be patient and have fun and don't worry about things to much, you will find love when you least expect it and in the most unusual places.

You will find your dream relationship eventually.

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