Find The Cause Of Depression

by Jasmine

I suffered terribly for 5 years of depression. The best thing I found to get me out of it was exercise. I know you hear this all the time but it works. It raises the serotonin levels in your r brain, the things that you see on a walk or hike can lift you and brighten your day tremendously.

Good friends help. Invite them over for a little pamper y party. Rent some girlie films and eat some popcorn or chocolate. I wouldn't recommend medication, although I'm not judgmental towards those who do feel they need to.

I say this because it took some pretty deep and time consuming soul searching to actually overcome the problem. You need to find what causes the depression. If you rely on drugs to get me through, it would be a temporary solution to the problem, not long term. I feel for anybody suffering from depression and I hope you get well soon.

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