I know that there a many triggers that "make" me cry, having to do with leaving the attention and compassion of my therapist, now that I have ended the therapy, eight months ago. But I can't seem to keep all those thoughts about her, from triggering tears and a lump in my throat. This often happens at very inconvenient times - singing in the church choir, watching t.v., etc. Are tears always good "to get out", or should I try to stop the thought that brings them?

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Oct 30, 2008
Dealing with loss
by: Cody

I think what you are dealing with here is loss, the loss of the compassion of your counselor. It's a bereavement of kind, so crying is normal. I think what you need to ask yourself is how you are crying. Crying is a part of the healing process and is good if done in a certain way.

If your crying is a short emotional release followed by healthy feelings, then this is fine and just a normal part of the healing process. If your crying is long and drawn out and accompanied by feelings of self pity, then this is not good and really needs to be dealt with.

Without knowing your situation a little better it's very difficult, but I hope this helps.

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