Boyfriend and best friend troubles!!

by Suzie

I recently broke up with my boyfriend after two years of being together. It wasn’t an easy decision but I felt like maybe something was missing and I wanted to explore what else was out there as he was my first boyfriend and it was starting to get a little too serious. I still loved him but there was this unsettled feeling in me that i could no longer ignore. Anyway, fresh after I broke up with him I found out the awful truth that my best friend was secretly starting to pursue him and that they had feelings for each other. I felt betrayed by both of them but especially by her as she was giving me advice and encouragement to break it off with him. It kills me to see them together especially since I still have feelings for him. I feel hurt, rage and resentment. It also upsets me how quickly he moved leaves me wondering if he ever loved me at all. I can’t stop re-playing memories in my head and questioning if what we had was ever real. I am really confused and feel like my world has crashed down around me, the two closest people in my life I can’t even trust anymore! I don’t know if I am being selfish by telling my friend that she is to never be with him, but at the same time I can’t help but feel that they are crossing the line. All I know is that if I watch them build a life together I will not only be left wondering what could have been, it will be on show for me and a massive slap to the face. Maybe I have made a huge mistake! I am confused as ever about how I feel about him. I am thinking of trying to get him back! How do I get through this situation? Am I right to threaten my friendship with her if she takes their relationship further?

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