Attention deficit disorder

by Jody

I have a younger relative that was diagnosed with ADHD and whenever he is around on the weekend with my family we don't allow him to take Ritalin and he's fine.

I've heard it said that that if a child is Hyperactive then let them play outside, I remember times when I was told not to come inside for a while. Are parents just to lazy these days?

If kids just do what kids do and use the energy they have to play and run, then they won't be so hyperactive. So my opinion is that its a lack of discipline and care for a child, and that giving them Ritalin is easier than taking care of their child properly. What does anybody think about this?

Is ADHD a real disease and handicap or is it just an excuse for poor parenting skills?

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Oct 05, 2008
by: Anonymous

It is rare for the criterion on ADHD to be met, yet for some reason it is diagnosed a lot. Some of the criteria is very harsh and you need to be pretty messed up to meet some of them. Ex: If would have to give a kid a shovel and told him to go dig a hole at the X, which was across the yard. An ADHD child would have to lose that shovel from when it was handed it to him and when he arrived at the X, and when I asked him to go back and get the shovel, the child would have to have no idea where the shovel was.

That's pretty harsh. What kind of kid loses a shovel while looking for an X with buried treasured. If he did that's some serious ADHD. The reason more and more kids are diagnosed with ADHD and Autism among other possible things, is that there is more funding in such complications. Another example. Your child has some alcoholism effects at birth, it is better to get him diagnosed as Autistic cause there is more government funding and social programs for Autism then there is fetal alcohol syndrome program.

It's all about the money and the drug companies. After spending billions on developing a cure they then have to go back and make sure there is a disease, and if not, just create one at the expense of our kids.

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