52 years old about time to quit...u will sooner or later one way or another

by terri
(oakville ontario canada)

Hi there, I'm a 52 year old woman who started smoking sitting high on a limb of an apple tree so my parents wouldn't catch me....darn wish they did today.

I have been physicaly active throughout my life, exercise health conscious ... um but not the cigs...they were not hurting me.

Today I still dont feel the shortness of breath people complain of, or the cough...the smell yes...the high blood pressure now....oh yes its a silent killer I now have to face up to it.

I have tried many ways to quit from hypnosis, zantax, group therapy, bead in my ear lobe..patches, nicorette...nothing...i like smoking....but sooner or later we all have to deal with this addiction or it will deal with us in some not so nice ways!

I look at all the things I have accomplished when determined...so why is this silly little cig contradicting my very history of willpower?

I have been on blood pressure meds for almost one year and nothing has changed....I have to quit if i want to live beyond what I know the next health problem will be with these disgusting cigs...tho still cute...hmmmmm.

Day one I will chronicle my experience and my hope if any hint of what I say can help another ... consider it a kick in the butt to continue never give up.

Day one...in Ontario...Groundhog day everywhere.....Take the first pill. A very mild headache about 3 hours after taking, find myself light smokes then putting them out and lighting again and then ah who cares...I truly hope this is an indication that things are on the positive side to attaining a smoke free life.

I'll log in tomorrow and keep anyone posted who is interested and if anyone has any info to help me attain this goal and reach the top of the mountain....please I could use it.

Good luck to all who are trying my sincere wishes.

Smokey the bear in Ontario Canada

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